Out of zone request

Out of zone request

The bus routes managed by the Mahurangi Transport Network Group are designed to transport students to the nearest appropriate school.

In rare circumstances, transport may be provided to a more distant school. Caregivers are required to complete an Out of Zone request and forward it to the Committee for approval.

Typically, the criteria for approval are as follows:
– family circumstances (e.g. split-living situations)
– isolating victims from perpetrators or associates
– educational needs (e.g. the nearest school is unable to meet the student’s needs)
– continuity of learning when a family moves house
– children of staff members.

Requests are typically considered at Committee meetings and will only be approved when there is sufficient capacity on the bus and the nearest school’s principal has approved the request. 

2024 Committee meeting dates

5 Mar
21 May
20 Aug
12 Nov